Times Tables Make Sense!

Two kids and a dog on a quest
to learn the times tables

picture of Kate Nonesuch

Spot shows the patterns, so there’s NO MEMORY WORK!

He tells jokes, too. The kind of jokes kids love.

covers of books 1, 2 and 3 of Times Tables Make Sense
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Spot says, “Show What You Know!”
Free book of exercises and activities to practice the patterns Spot teaches.

“I want kids to dance with the times tables, not be defeated.”

– Kate Nonesuch,
Author & Creator –

“Teacher says we have to learn the times tables—by heart!”

Times Tables Make Sense is a series of three comics that show the times tables like you’ve never seen them before.
No tricks, no silly rhymes, just a good story about two kids and Spot-the-Pattern Dog. Spot teaches all the times tables facts up to 11 times 11.
Spot uses daily activities and jokes to show the pattern of each table and kids discover that times tables do make sense!
No need for flashcards with Spot on the job. The patterns are easy to remember because kids understand how they work. A catchy name for each pattern seals the deal. When you know the pattern, you don’t have to memorize individual facts!
There is no new math here—just a new system that shows the sense of the times tables:

  • The graphic novel is more like a story book than a math text.
  • The pictures show up in large format on tablet or phone, no need to scroll or expand to see the details.
  • The books are based on solid math principles that give readers confidence in their own ability to do math.
  • The story shows that there are many ways to solve a math problem, and that everyone can find a way that works.
  • A free book of practice and review is available to download.